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How To Memorize Fast and Easily | How to Memorize Fast for Exam | 10 Important Tips

How To Memorize Fast and Easily | How to Memorize Fast for Exam | 10 Important Tips

Hello, friends exam time is near and we get a lot of queries from students asking for tips to learn things faster many complain that they learn something but cannot remember it the very next moment basically.
How To Memorize Fast and Easily, How to Memorize Fast for Exam, 10 Important Tips
How to learn faster and effectively at the same time remember it for long friends we agree that not everyone finds all the subjects in our syllabus interesting some of us like math but there are many others who dislike it the same is the case for the subjects.

As well but how can we make learning interesting and remember things better if you haven't done it yet and press the bell icon to never miss an update from us so let's pick it friends let me make it very clear that simply memorizing things without logically understanding it would not help us so logic should be the way of understanding or learning something so whatever method you follow or whichever way you choose to do you should always try to relate to the concepts okay also don't you guys think that not everything needs to be memorized in a chapter.

First we need to identify the paths which are to be memorized and the remaining can be just read so identifying it is a major step there are two major techniques that would help us memorize things faster one is a verbal memory technique that is we're making use of words and sounds some of the examples are acronyms word associations rhymes songs and repetition is also one form of it where you continuously read the same thing again and again.

The second one is visual learning technique that is picture rising whatever you are learning in a logical slow associate things in a sequence to make it easy to remember relating to some objects or events to remember it in a logical flow friends do it in pots learn a small part take a break and now before you start the second part revise.

The first one to make it thorough or just check whether you are able to recollect what you have learned ok right things done make a rough flow of the concepts like a tree diagram or a flow chart or some images anything even that rough image or return matter will help you visualize and remember the ants at the time of your exams.

While learning if memorizing the concept is taking too much time then change the way related to the concept so that it becomes easy for us to understand it meditate to improve your concentration and memory power it makes us focused and clear so friends it is worth spending 15 minutes of your daily schedule on meditation we are loading our brain with a lot of information which at times would be difficult for us to retain so doing frequent revision will help us restore everything that we have studied no to overdo things and keep everything for the last minute the thought itself would give you stress and pressure and on doing.

That you will be more saturated and after a point will not be able to study effectively getting adequate sleep and giving your brain rest is equally important so friends the tips but if you still see you that you might forget something or are not confident just believe me such thoughts are just in your brain test yourself saw you papers and eliminate that fear be confident you will recollect everything that you have studied

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