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Target reveals Black Friday 2019 with bargains on TVs, Toys, Gift

Target reveals Black Friday 2019 with bargains on TVs, Toys, Gift

It's that time of year again companies are slashing prices cutting back costs and us buy-in by the masses all in the name of good deal retailers opening their doors earlier than ever to a crush of frenzied shoppers.

Lord by seductive doorbuster deals but these manic scenes of shoppers stampeding into big-box stores on Black Friday is something we see less of each year as retailers have spread out sales in an effort to increase profits and likely decrease flat-screen TV-related injuries there's less of a mad rush you know, not every store is getting those frantic and crazy crowds like they used to yeah take a look at this article a news crew set up inside a store ready to capture the mad rush the doors open and it's just one guy that's it but it's hard to imagine that we ever got so low as to fight over TVs hair straighteners and freebies like some fight for access to clean water they're gonna beat me inside that mop and keep me from getting my kids.

Christmas presents while the crowds have dispersed Black Friday spending has remained consistent historically the weekend after Thanksgiving marked the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season there's a common myth out there that the term Black Friday is used to describe the time when companies go from being in the red or unprofitable to being in the black or profitable but this isn't true the first time we see being used is in the 1960s by police officers in Philadelphia talking about the increased traffic to the city it wasn't until the early 2000s that retailers borrowed the term to help promote their sales and turn holiday shopping into a holiday itself only Macy's could give America parade on Thanksgiving and the biggest sale of the year on Black Friday the not-so-secret strategy used by marketers to promote.

Black Friday Cyber Monday or prime day sales they get you in the door by drastically reducing prices on a few desirable items like tech gadgets or electronics but they hope you'll leave with much more than you planned a filled shopping basket target CEO Brian Cornell says what I've been most interested in is what's in the basket you look at the people whom you know came out for a specific but then they've actually taken the time to shop for other categories which is really important the fear here is seeing baskets or carts with one item unlike Brian's anxiety of shoppers coming into a store and buying exactly what they came for my fear is that people are going to be going further into credit card debt buying shit that they don't need the average consumer in America already has over $15,000 worth of credit card debt and it's only getting worse my hunch is that most of the shoppers.

This Black Friday are also among the eighty percent of the country living paycheck to paycheck I am racking up those credit card bills but who can resist Black Friday deals the ones that aren't struggling are big businesses and they've been using that money to spend on marketing meetings consumer analysts and data researchers and it's been paying off very few shopping carts leave stores or online checkouts with just one item in it walk into a thoughtfully designed store and you're fighting against a difficult tide culturally it's become known as the target effect the result of going into a store intending to buy a few things and leaving with much more.

As strong as the in-store techniques have gotten that doesn't compare to the litany of approaches used by their online counterparts among them brands track your every move and strategically serve you ads leading up to their peak shopping season they offer free shipping on orders over 30 to $100 influencing you to make one or two more purchases to reach the sale limit and as social media sites work to make advertisers happy they're reducing friction to sales by implementing tags with direct links to products and that doesn't even skim the surface but most consumers don't care in fact they're asking for it how else in the world could you explain 1.6 million people opting to follow Old Navy on Instagram if the world ever needed a support group I know 1.6 million people who could use it shopping has.

Black Friday it's primitive in a way scouring malls like hunters and gatherers biologically they must experience the same feeling our ancestors got hunting through the jungle fighting for their lives and hauling back a lion to their village okay maybe not here's the thing these companies care more about their bottom line than yours and while I wish they apply more.

Ethical practices to the way they made and sold their products that's likely not gonna happen any time soon so we need to take responsibility over our own purchases their job is to make more money to keep their investors and board members happy but you don't have to buy in by being more intentional with our purchases we can put more value on the few items we do decide to buy this holiday season.

We can embrace what Juliet Shore calls true materialism we are too materialistic in the everyday sense of the word and we are not at all materialistic enough in the true sense of the word so I use the term true materialism we need to be true materialists like really care about the materiality of goods.

In the fast-fashion world we buy and throw out we don't care about the actual materiality of the goods what matters is their symbolic meaning that's why we discard them so rapidly because they lose social value now I'm not suggesting that we cancel the holidays and entirely get rid of gift-giving but I do think that we can rethink the status quo here are a few tips that might help this holiday season.

Instead of buying gifts for everyone in your family suggest doing a secret Santa coming from a family with seven siblings yes I grew up Catholic this is a great way to make sure we weren't just buying a bunch of crap for our family we were being really intentional and buying one specific gift for one specific person it saved us money it saved us time and it also creates a really memorable gift-giving experience gift experiences instead of things have a conversation with your partner about how you want to exchange gifts now and I have this conversation every year about whether we're gonna be giving gifts to each other or not some years we do some years.

We don't this year since we're going to Sydney twice we've got a lot of travel we've got so much going on it just feels like extra stress that we don't need because we have everything that we need we have everything that we want already so giving a gift would just be to continue a tradition that we're not really that into so instead of giving gifts what we're doing is setting aside a day for each of us to take each other out to dinner or make each other a home-cooked meal if you're trying to save money this holiday season and you've got some extra time.

You can make something create homemade candles or batch make cookies I'll never forget one year NAT made me a scarf I should say that she tried to make me a scarf because what she ended up giving me was a ball of yarn and a half made scarf and to this day it's one of the favorite gifts that I've ever gotten not that I kept it but it made me way happier than any present she could have purchased.

Brands will have you believe that you will never see another deal like this hurry up it's a limited time offer only while supplies last up to 60 70 even 80 percent off yet actually these things won't give practical bliss and the best bargain you ever get this Black Friday. with you for the Black Friday deals 2019

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