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Top 5 Graduation Courses in the World | Courses in the World Colleges

Top 5 Graduation Courses in the World

After completing your schooling if you are in search of better graduation courses that might serve you for your whole life, the given graduation courses are the best in the world among all the graduation courses. In this article, you might find a graduation course that might suit your interests and can yield you the best results. We have also provided the best universities in the world to pursue these graduation courses in our article so that you can acquire the best education of the graduation courses that you like.

👉 Computer Science and Information Technology :

The subject is widely popular and is one of the most rapidly progressing subjects around the world. Students who are interested in working on technology that can create a huge impact on the world from Artificial Intelligence to Big Data should go for this course.

Last year Massachusetts Institute of Technology was on the top in the subject ranking. Six other North American Universities and some Universities in Asia and Europe are also featured in the top 20. Thus this course can be easily accessible to most of the students globally.

The course includes the vast field of topics that relates to applications of computing and computational like Software designing, creating new algorithms, programming languages, computer hardware, e-commerce, business Information technology, data analytics, analysis of algorithms, augmented virtual reality, machine learning, blockchain technology, mobile application development, iot, web technology, wireless sensor network, etc.

One can find the roots of Computer Science and Information Technology in Electrical Engineering, Linguistics, and Mathematics. Earlier Information Science and Computer Science were studied as a part of Mathematics but in the last thirty years, they developed as separate fields in engineering.

Computers have turned out to be an inseparable part of modern human life and new technologies and applications are being designed every day. The usage of computational power is increasing day by day in every field. Thus it is a very useful and in-demand field.

Some of the best institutes for Computer Science and Information Technology are :

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. Stanford University

3. Carnegie Mellon University

4. Harvard University

5. Princeton University

👉 Business and Management Studies :

Business and Management Studies gives training and knowledge regarding planning, execution, supervision, and surveying of a business enterprise. This field provides knowledge about establishing companies or organizations and how they work, different functional levels like production, financing, administration, human resourcing, sales, and marketing, etc.

This course is open to students from all fields – Science, Commerce, and Arts and can be pursued at undergraduate (BBA / BMS), postgraduate (MBA / PGDM), and doctoral (Ph.D. / FPM).

Career opportunities after finishing any of the business and management courses are vast at the graduate as well as at the postgraduate level. After completion of an undergraduate course, a student can be hired as an executive across the functional areas, and after the completion of a post-graduation course; a student can be hired at the managerial level.

To apply to top business management universities, a candidate has to appear for various entrance exams which are prescribed by the various universities. Some of the entrance exams for BBA are NPAT, UGAT, SET, SUAT, etc. Some of the entrance exams for MBA are CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, etc.

Some of the top universities offering Business and Management Courses are as below :

1. University of Pennsylvania

2. Harvard University

3. London Business School

4. New York University

5. Copenhagen Business School

👉 Medicine :

There is no doubt as for the usefulness and importance of this field as we have seen the vital work the medical student has done during the Covid-19 pandemic in developing vaccines and testing on the front line. Well-trained doctors and medical staff are always in demand in all the countries. Therefore so many students are interested in studying medicine every year.

There are a variety of courses in this field like Cardiology, Bio-mechanics, Aerospace medical studies, Ear nose and throat (ENT), General medical practice, Gynecologist, Health care assistant skills, Medical laboratory science/practice, Neurology, Orthopedics, Paramedical Services, Pathology, Pharmacy, Pediatrics, Psychiatrists, Surgery, Speech Therapy, etc

Medicine studies require candidates to know and abide by the Hippocratic oath for ethical behavior which states that as a medical practitioner a person has to practice arts and science of medicine ethically in all aspects.

Healthcare is one of the biggest service sectors including Hospitals, Clinical procedures, Medical Tourism, Health Insurance, Medical Equipment, etc.

Some of the best medical universities in the world are :

1. King George’s Medical University

2. Harvard Universities

3. John Hopkins University

4. Oxford University

5. Yale University

👉 Economics :

The world might likely enter into a global recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore it is evident that demand for students who have a good understanding of global financial systems is going to rise.

Economics is a study of production distribution and consumption of goods and services. It focuses on how individuals, firms, organizations, governments, and nations allocate their resources. Economics concentrates on the processes of human beings based on assumptions that people act optimally.

Two main types of economics are : 

Microeconomics – Study of individuals in the market
Macroeconomics – Study of a region, nation, or international level of business

Some of the best Universities to pursue various courses in economics in the world are :

1. Harvard University

2. University of California, Berkeley

3. University of Cambridge

4. University of Melbourne

5. Stanford University

👉 Law :

Law courses make you eligible in the field of law of the occupations of Lawyers, Attorneys, Legal assistants, Judges, Analysts, etc. The median annual wage for Lawyers is 126,930 USD. Employment opportunities are expected to grow 4% over the next ten years.

There are various types of lawyers like Environmental Lawyers, Tax Lawyers, Intellectual Property Lawyers, Family Lawyers, Security Lawyers, and Commercial Lawyers, etc.

To become a lawyer in America a student has to acquire a jurist doctor (J.D) degree from a Law school accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). To take admission to any Law school in America, the candidates must appear for Law School Admission Test (LSAT). 

Some of the best Universities in the world offering the best law courses are:

1. Stanford University

2. New York University

3. Harvard University

4. Columbia University

5. University of Oxford

These are some of the most on-demand graduation courses which have greater prospects for students currently and in coming years. By completing one of these courses a person can find a good and secure career.

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